Cucumber Reboot

I am ALWAYS learning something new, particularly when I make mistakes. I have not been a great cucumber shepherd and whisperer, and it is high time I give this wonderful vegetable it the love and attention it deserves. A Hot Mess That’s what my cucumbers have been, both last year and this year. I always start… Read More Cucumber Reboot

Broken Arrow!

We Were Soldiers is one of my favorite Mel Gibson movies. He plays Lt Colonel Hal Moore who fought an epic battle in the Ia Drang Valley during the Vietnam War. At one point, the enemy presses them on all sides and is about to over run them. Moore sees it all, stops and shouts “Broken… Read More Broken Arrow!


This is my first year growing melons, and I am very excited at the growth I am seeing. I am not without trepidation, though. It is like watching your favorite team winning, but the score is too close and they could still lose! I am excited, but what could go wrong?! Trellising My strategy going into… Read More Melons

Trellis Experiment

This experiment will either be a colossal win or a colossal fail. I found this video on Youtube (linked below) where a gardner had set up a wooden trellis on her raised beds for her squash, cucumbers and melons. I really liked the set up, and how efficient it was. It was really inspirational! I already had… Read More Trellis Experiment