The Garden In Late October

As a follow-up to my post affirming that gardening still flows in my veins, so to speak, I would like to just go over some other things that are happening in the garden. The previous post showed what was happening in the West garden. Below is from the East garden. Basically is just two sides of my backyard…

Below is a bed with broccoli, chard and red onion transplants. I had planted Brussels sprouts and cabbage earlier in August, but the weeds were thick and a rabbit infiltrated my garden and ate them. I have cleaned up the area and found a place with a lot rabbit poop. Since the clean up, I have not seen the rabbit. I’ve had marigolds growing in this bed all summer, and I will say that is one of the things I have loved about my garden this year. They add a lot of color and attract a lot of bees and insects.


Here is a picture of just a few of my Flavorburst yellow peppers. This is at least my fifth year growing peppers, and I always get a big burst of growth in the fall. These in particular do not taste that great while still lime green, so I hope they mature. Or we will just eat them in soup. I do have other red/orange peppers that are a deep green and are great as green peppers.


Baby carrots! What a blessed sight! I have now six spots in the garden that are growing (some on the first true leaf) and seeded for overwintering. I have been trying to start them all summer and it has just been too hot. I have an idea for a shade cloth set-up that I want to try next summer. That will allow me to start them in August and have them be successful. These carrots probably won’t be ready until January to March. If I got some successfully started in August, we could be eating them by October-November.


I could have sworn we dug up all the potatoes from this bed, but apparently not. And apparently we left quite a few! Below are all red fingerling potato plants. I pulled one and they have little babies about the size of my thumb. I think if I cover them during any frosts, we might have these for Thanksgiving? These were harvested around June.  This makes me really wonder … could I leave some potatoes in the ground deliberately to grow a second crop in the fall? I don’t see why not.


Mizuna is new to my garden, is a brassica, and is doing fantastic. It doesn’t seem to have a problem with heat or bugs, which is fantastic. I don’t remember exactly when this went in, but it was my own seed start and this is probably 6-8 weeks of growth. How are we going to use it? Basically, the same way we use kale and chard. Here is a nice post on cooking with Mizuna.


Other things have been happening, but that is for another post!

Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “The Garden In Late October

    1. That is a good point – I only tried the green ones raw. I thought the meat of them was thin, not that it had an unpleasant flavor. I am sure some will be green when the frost comes, so I will try in cooking. Beats composting them!


      1. I agree, they were a little thin when they were immature, but my other green peppers were the same way so I guess I never thought much of it. As they got larger they got a little thicker, even though they were still green. I usually buy pepper plants with the intent of eating the peppers green because our growing season isn’t really long enough for more than the first couple peppers to have time to turn.


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