Ok, yeah – I’m a Gardener

August brought me to my knees.

My job got busy. I started teaching Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 on Wednesday afternoons. Family life called and quarantined me. And the garden reached that level of overgrowth that snaps my brain in two and stops me from caring. The job was just too big and I didn’t have it in me do anything about it.

I took the first week of October off, excited to finally get the time to clean up the garden. The morning I went out, the excitement dimmed and I felt like shutting down. Where to start? There was seriously too much to do… But I just picked one bed and weeded. Then another bed, and weeded. I weeded in between them. And so on. And weeded. And then I started to feel like I was making progress.

I was out of my homemade compost, so I bought some and cultivated a bed. I did some seeding. I cultivated another bed, and did some more seeding. I had some cabbage, broccoli and leeks started, as well as some thyme and oregano. So that went into the ground.

And it felt good. The beds below were an absolute mess, but now they are giving me a warm and fuzzy!


Last Saturday was free compost day at work, and so my very cool brother let me use his truck and I got two truckloads. That gardener feeling was coming back…


This weekend I will work on adding the compost to my beds, and planting the 2 pounds of garlic I bought, along with fava beans (a new one for me), and more carrots for overwintering. I still have sweet potatoes in the ground, and those might get harvested this weekend or next.


What clinched it for me today, what made me break down and blog, what made me choose that title “Ok, yeah – I’m a Gardener” was this: I started looking at seeds, reading some descriptions and then adding them to my wish list. I have been thinking through what I want to do differently next year. How I can harvest, use and can the things we like to eat. And so I began the browsing that will lead to next year’s garden…



3 thoughts on “Ok, yeah – I’m a Gardener

  1. Good for you Kip! Those beds look great! It’s never too early to start dreaming about what to plant next year! How did that new melon with the cool color turn out that you planted this year? Did it taste good and sweet?


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