Squash War 2016

The battle with the squash bugs has been brutal. And constant. I wrote about that already this year, and the measures I have taken. For example: BROKEN ARROW!

For summer squash, I got some yellow squash early in the season, but I have yet to get any zucchini. We love zucchini – roasted, grilled, sautéed, made into bread.  I have been really frustrated. I am not even going to attempt it outside of an insect barrier next year. No way.

BUT. I have gotten a few spaghetti squash that were delicious, and I am starting to get some of my heirloom Italian butternut squash in. I am a newbie growing winter squash, so I am not exactly sure when to harvest. I have read/seen in videos that when the skin “resists your fingernail”, it is ready. These two below I harvested because I thought they were ready, and I did not want to wait too long and have them start to spoil or rot.


I also have a more in the garden beds. You can see some of the dead leaves from the bugs, and a bit of the Sevin dust



And this little guy on my trellis.


And this guy, whose vine grew over my fence and the fruit started to grow at the top. I have kept it propped up on the top of this post!


Overall, I have been very disappointed in my summer squash yield, but am becoming happier with my winter squash fruit. I am wondering, though, if it is worth the effort and the space. Sheesh.


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