Purple-Hull Pink-Eyed Southern Peas

This morning I was out in the garden doing some watering of the young fall seedlings. I saw that my purple-hulled pink-eyed cowpeas (or a little more glamorously called southern peas) were, well, turning purple. Yay!


Since this is my first time growing these, I felt the need to find out when to harvest them! Haha! That would help. I would be a complete loss without Google and the friendly people who share their knowledge. I found this video from the The Bayou Gardener (webcajun). This video is fantastic and shows you five stages of the pea and when to harvest. Take a look, it’s short:

As you can see, my peas are ready to harvest!! Luckily, it is Friday and I had planned to get out there tomorrow anyway.

Now, how to eat them? The Bayou Gardener has another video for that, too, and it looks delicious! I like that he is drawing from his own produce that he has frozen. Our peppers are really starting to come in, and we will be needing to freeze them like this. Instead of the Hungarian wax peppers, I can substitute poblanos, which are doing so well in the garden too. I have never heard of Tony’s seasoning. We use Emeril’s Essense, which is also probably a good substitute. I might add some tomatoes, too, for a variation. Maybe some andouille sausage. Oh man, now I am hungry…



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