First Watermelon Ever

It has been very hot and dry lately, so I have been spending more time watering the garden. And when I water, I observe. This morning I was out and I can’t resist checking on things, even if I am in a hurry and need to get to work. I am grateful that my job is flexible enough that I can just stay later in the evening to finish up.

I am particularly curious about vegetables new to me. I baby them, water them, check on them. Watermelon is new to me, and I have done some research as to when to harvest. I found a video that said to watch the tendril (curly-Q) closest to the melon. When it turns brown and dries up, the melon is ready to harvest.

I am growing Golden Russian watermelon, where the flesh is yellow as opposed to red. What can I say, I just like to be different. You can see the watermelon below and the tendril in the picture – it is green and alive and will hopefully be getting bigger!


I decided to make a video of my harvest, and in it you can see that the tendril is brown and dying. It is a small melon, and now that I think of it, maybe a little over ripe. It was not as sweet as I expected. Great flavor, but less sweet. I am not sure why that particular watermelon ripened when it was so small, while the other melons seem to be still growing.

Here is the watermelon sliced open. It is also a paler shade of yellow than I thought, but it is still very tasty, and, most importantly, I grew it! I am also going to save the rind to pickle it.


Here are the videos. I don’t have video editing software, so this is the “raw footage”. You will see my two youngest girls expressing their thoughts on the matter. There is some footage of my regular melons before the watermelons. They are always excited to taste things from the garden, although it looks my youngest is not so enthused.


3 thoughts on “First Watermelon Ever

      1. That’s so cool they get so excited about it. It’s great you are showing them a love of gardening, a skill and love they can cherish forever. We always had fresh tomatoes and cucumbers growing up and that was something I will always remember.


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