Financial Markets Plunge…But My Garden Futures Are Up!

Today the UK voted to leave the European Union, and all over the news there is plenty of opinion on the why’s and how’s. I am not going to comment on whether it was good or bad, but it has created a lot of uncertainty in the financial markets about where and when to invest money. That is the focus of this post. Today it is Brexit, yesterday it was the housing bubble, before that  the dot Com bubble. Etc. Tomorrow, there will be another. And another.

Growing Food is like Printing Money

Don’t get me wrong, I am investing in retirement. I am only in my 40’s, so I don’t need retirement money now. But really, what guarantee do I have that my money will grow? Up, down, up down, the financial markets go. But if I grow my garden, if I plan and work and learn and tend, it will continue to grow up and up and up. I will collect dividends every week… even in winter!

Sure, a hurricane could hit and wipe me out for a while, but my garden is not dependent on what people decide in another country. My tomatoes are connected to any market manipulations or investments. I stand in my garden as an independent entity, and whether I grow or not is entirely up to me. And when it comes time to retire, I surely would like to have as much money as possible in an account somewhere. But I know also that I will be at home in my garden “printing my own money” every year.

Too Many Lawns

Where ever I drive, I see lots of lawns, and ornamental bushes, and flowers. These are all nice, and I have them too. But if that is all people have, what a bunch of wasted space! I didn’t always see things like this. If I had, we would not have bought the house we did. I am grateful that I am able to turn it into the homestead we have, and adapt to the trees and sun. Yes, it does take work to have a garden. More important than that, it takes a vision – what you can do with some amazing little seeds – what can happen to economies if policies and politicians collide – what has happened in the past the markets collapse – what is being sprayed on your food and packaged for mass consumption – what can taste so amazing right out of the garden, in its simplest form.

I don’t know how I got here, to this point in time, writing these words. I really don’t. But I think a lot of people need to be here.

Everyone Needs A Garden


2 thoughts on “Financial Markets Plunge…But My Garden Futures Are Up!

  1. Ah, the idea of lawns. I went to a composting workshop last year and the facilitator talked about all sorts, lawns being one topic. Though it is clearly obvious, he reminded us that lawns are completely unnatural! And I started really thinking about it… like… where have I seen a lawn in nature before? Hmmm… nowhere. One cannot compare a beautiful, lively meadow to a green, cosmetic lawn. And, like you said, they are a waste of space. I love the idea of urban gardening and shared gardens; a group of people basically tear up a lawn and make a beautiful, edible garden space out of it. Love it!

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  2. Thanks for your comment. Urban gardening is so against our culture, against the way I grew up. You just get everything from the store. A big inspiration to me is the Dervaes family, who created a huge urban homestead in the middle of LA. They are at the extreme end of self-sufficiency, doing it full time, so not everyone can/needs/wants to go there. But they give a great vision of a path forward to some kind of homegrown food.


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