Free Woodchips for the Garden

What do you do when you have grass and weeds growing in between your raised beds? You mulch it!

What if mulch is not in you budget? You try to get it for free! And right down the road, about 2 miles away, there is spot where the city drops off wood chips for people to take.

What if you don’t own a truck? You put 2 trash cans in the back of your van and go fill them up!


Ok, it may seem a little redneck, but it works for me. Yes, it is very annoying to have to make multiple trips, there and back – I basically can only fill 2 wheelbarrows per trip. I have lost count, but I have probably taken about 20 trips so far, and I am not quite done. Maybe 5-7 more. My neighbors probably think I am crazy, driving back and forth and not knowing what I am doing. But it sure makes the garden look nice. And it only costs me time and sweat!







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