Pepper Update

Patiently I wait for this beautiful fruit! So slow to grow… maybe it is the waiting that makes them taste so sweet. My goal this year was to be a better succession planter so that vegetables get spread out throughout the year. In prior years I would get a big harvest all at once and… Read More Pepper Update

Trellis Experiment

This experiment will either be a colossal win or a colossal fail. I found this video on Youtube (linked below) where a gardner had set up a wooden trellis on her raised beds for her squash, cucumbers and melons. I really liked the set up, and how efficient it was. It was really inspirational! I already had… Read More Trellis Experiment


Harvest There is nothing like a fresh ripe tomato from the garden, and what only makes it better is beautiful variety. Below is a half bushel of tomatoes I harvested last night. I am growing Black Krim, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow, Black Cherry, Green Vernissage Cherry, Sunrise Bumblebee Cherry, as well as a Yellow Pear and Cherokee… Read More Tomatoes


The Start of the Journey It all started with Michael Ruhlman’s book Charcuterie. I know, how odd. A book about curing meats got me interested in fermenting vegetables. Go figure. But it had some recipes for making pickles and sauerkraut just using salt, and I decided to just try to make sauerkraut using his instructions.… Read More Fermentation