New Wrap Around Garden Bed

Below is a picture of the bed I built to wrap around one of the garden fences I built to keep the dog out (mostly). I wanted to build because my wife complained, err, suggested, that the backyard garden looks too much like a farm, that there is not enough flowers and color. Fair enough. She wanted the same thing in front of the house, which I also worked on – but that will be another post. Overall, I am very pleased with it!


So, it is a simple construction of landscaping timber, with the bottom layer secured with 1/2″ 1 foot long rebar. The next layers were secured with 4″ screws, and filled with soil and compost I had delivered for filling the other raised beds I built this past winter. The bed width is 2 feet.

So, flowers are really not my forte, so I didn’t know how or what to fill the bed. As it turns out, I did add some veggies, but also added some new flowers. In the back I planted some snap peas because I thought I could trellis them up along the garden fence. It turned out well, actually, but I needed to add another bit of fence to support them. I basically leaned the fencing from the top of the fence down to the middle of the dirt. The peas grew through it and were supported fine. My plan for after the peas is to plant sun flowers to grow up along the fence.


In front of the peas, in the longest part of the bed, I decided to transplant my husk cherries. I grew this last year where there was a lot of shade, and they produced some fruit. This year, this spot is full sun and the plants look great. They look so much better than last year. I took this picture this morning, and I saw that there were already some cherries growing! When the husks turn brown, they are ready to pick, peel and eat.



The rest of the bed I planted with flowers. I started these all from seed, and it was an absolute experiment. I read that Calendula are good for the garden, and so I planted some of those.



On either side of the Calendula, I planted Balsam. The flowers looked pretty in the catalog, and I love them! I like the shape of the leaves, and how the flowers come out under them. I was concerned early, just after transplant, that they would flop over, but the stalks have become extremely woody and rigid at the base. And it looks like branching is starting, and hopefully more flowers.


I am not sure how these will all fair during the summer. Hopefully they will keep their flowers and continue to grow. I really like them, and it is nice to see them, their shape, how tall they are, etc, so that I can plan better in the future. They will definitely be in the garden and around the house next year.


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