Homestead Video Tour

Yesterday I had the day off, and decided to create a “walkabout” video tour of our garden. I am just chatting about things I am growing and such. I wanted to do it for me, as a sort of time capsule of where I am at right now with the garden. I wish I had some video of my earlier gardens, and so I will try to do this a few times a year, every year just for fun. People also ask about my garden, and I so I wanted to share it. It is about 37 minutes, which I lot longer than I thought it would be.

This past fall and winter, I have been really busy building and adding things to garden – I am ready to just try to maintain it! I am happy with how things are turning out and the plants are looking good and growing well in general. Yes, I will say up front that I tend to mumble and not completing thoughts, but hey, that’s the way it goes. I will work on it. You will also see a cameo of my two youngest daughters and my son. And jeez, do I need to weed and trim! Enjoy!


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