I Love Carrots!

I have talked to people who have had trouble growing carrots, and there are a few spots in my garden where the seeds just did not seem to germinate. But, in general, I have just seeded and watered and weeded. I am getting a fantastic harvest through this winter from some Red Core Chantennay. They are fat and delicious. I don’t really think I do a whole lot to them, other than wait.




I planted some Cosmic Purple carrots in the back of my garden this past Fall (sadly, I didn’t write down the date). This area would get light as the season progressed to the Winter Solstice. I have to say, these carrots are quickly becoming my favorite – funky purple with orange and red flesh and a yellow core. I planted a whole packet of seeds in a space of about 6′ x 3′. It cost me $2.50.

I just watered them. I tried to keep the falling leaves off them as autumn progressed. I was not that good at weeding the bed, which is to say I barely did. They were exposed to the environment all winter. I only covered them when I knew we were getting snow. I would check on them occasionally, and observe that they were alive and growing slowly. Some look like they may have been on death’s door, as the leaves were brown… but right up the center there was a new green sprout growing. I just let them be.

I am converting my garden space to wooden raised beds, and so I needed to harvest about a third of them to make room for the wood and walk way. I didn’t know how many I would get, or how big, but I had to dig them up and we would surely eat them! With the greens on them, it nearly filled a half bushel basket. Some we good-sized, and some were pinky sized, but all this past week, we sautéed them, ate them in soup, ate them in stew, added them to other dishes. They were really good…and I feel a little guilty that they were so easy!




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