A Little Bit of Color Around the Garden

I wanted to share a few things of beauty and encouragement that I saw yesterday. The first was probably the most beautiful Dahlia I have seen in our garden. I am florally handicapped. Seriously. I am improving (trying), but I don’t understand how to take care of them, and they just don’t look nice. Flowers bloom, but they are too tall, or droop, etc. I have had the greatest success with marigolds, actually. I will definitely grow these again, all from seed.

Marigolds grown from seed. They just keep growing and growing and growing. Very low maintenance!

I planted Dahlias this past spring, but unfortunately they were mostly in shady spots. And I didn’t prune them for fear of killing them. So, they were just unkempt and ugly. The plants below I had pruned all the way down to just above the ground, but had not gotten around to digging them up. I have been doing more research on how to take care of them, and would put them in a sunny spot next year. I noticed that they had sprouted and were growing, though. And then I noticed a little bud of a flower coming. Then yesterday I come home to this incredibly beautiful red flower! I could not believe it! It was faith building actually. I can prune, even dreadfully so, and the plant will grow new stems with new flowers!

Dahlia plants on Oct 25th
Dahlia plants on Nov 8th
Beautiful Dahlia on Nov 18th!

I was also going through the vegetables in the back, weeding a bit and thinning some carrot sprouts. Relaxing, basically. I looked over at the broccoli, which we have mostly eaten through, and decided to see just how much we have left. You can take the main broccoli head, but it will still sprout off the sides. That led to an inspection of my cauliflower… the cauliflower that never flowers for me… That is pitifully behind its cousin Broccoli… Did I mention that I have yet to eat cauliflower out of my garden….

BUT – I looked down to see this! It was so unexpected! Purple cauliflower, maybe 5 inches in diameter! Whoohoo!! (I planted purple cauliflower, by the way…)

Ok, it is a big deal to me. When you get discouraged and wonder if this or that plant (or life) is going anywhere, will it produce any fruit… it is nice to look and see something growing. This too was faith building – I can do this with care, perseverance and patience.

There is also another head growing, and I am looking forward to finally eating cauliflower out of my own garden this year!




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