I Will Trust My OCD and Never Scatter-Sow

In September, I prepped some beds for Fall/Winter harvest and since I was basically planting the same seed (or seed type) in each bed, I decided I would just scatter seed them. Rather than draw lines within the bed and seed along the row, I just scattered and raked them in a bit. Easy peasy and quick. I have done this a few other times with lettuce mixes and it was fine.

Well, it is not so fine. The seeds are growing OK, and the vegetables will taste delicious, I am sure. It is just that scattering like that ruffles my OCD and the site of these disordered beds is like having rocks in my shoes. Some will laugh, but others will nod their heads with knitted eyebrows. You know what I am talking about.


Just look at that bed! Uhg! Yes, there is baby spinach growing, but it is lop-sided! Non-uniform! And the little baby weeds are growing among them – how do I weed that mess?? If there was a row, I could use a tool to get in between and then just pick out the rest. Now I have to do most of the weeding by hand.


It is the same with my long row of kale. Hopefully you can see the little fingered leaves of the Red Russian kale, growing above the weeds, with the Lacinato (dinosaur) kale behind. Yay, kale! Boo, weeds… I will never scatter you again! Same goes for the even longer bed of beet seeds just next door…

As for the other Fall/Winter plants, I also prepped some carrots in containers and they are coming along nicely. These I did in nice little rows and the spacing is good. And I think this container experiment will be successful. My calculations put these carrots at a least another month before harvest.


The containers in my greenhouse are doing well, for the most part. The salad mix in the three bottom right are almost ready for a mow, as is one of my arugula containers. The spinach, parsley, cilantro and butter crunch lettuce are still young. The four containers that look bare have mache in them, which is a cold loving lettuce like plant. It has been a bit warm lately, and I don’t think it appreciates that. There are plenty of mache cotyledons there, though, so once the weather turns cold, I think these will start to grow.


I did get an extension out to the greenhouse and put a fan in, but it still gets in the 90’s if it is in the high 70’s outside. I had shade cloth hung, but took it out as I thought the warm weather was gone. During the winter, I do need to see about trenching an electrical line out there and install a couple of fans for when it gets hot next year.

More to come…


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