Dried Bean Harvest

When I started growing beans last year, I thought only of green beans. That’s what you want from your summer garden, right? Raw, pickled, sautéed, casseroles, etc. But it only takes one season of beans to realize you will get shriveled up pods with dried beans. You can’t keep up with them all. Or at least you will get green beans that have grown past the point of tenderness and are stringy and hard. Last year I was able to keep up most of the time, but this year was difficult. As you can see in the picture below, I had plenty of dried and over grown green beans.


Sometimes I am really dense. My wife would agree with me. And my friends, too. I wasn’t thinking of growing them for dried beans. Dried beans are cheap and you can get them from the store, right? Well, everything I am growing I can get from the store, too, but there is no comparison to the flavor. Duh.

After clearing out a 5′ x 8′ bed, I found that I had a packed half bushel of beans!


After shelling them, I probably have at least four pounds of dried beans. These are a mix of Kentucky Wonder and Asian Long beans (black). I have another bed to clear out, so maybe I will get the same amount? Or maybe all the rain we have been having has destroyed them? I hope not.


The black one’s aren’t huge and this bean is probably better (and efficient) eaten green, but it’s food! The coloration on the brown beans is pretty, and they are fat, and they will go nicely in some of our fall and winter soups. I have already been perusing through Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds looking for dried varieties to add to my wish list. You should go there too! Maybe next year you will see a post from me with this beauty right here! Yes, it is a bean!



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