Beet Transplant

-Normally when I start a seed in a tray or soil block, or direct seed in the ground, standard procedure is to sow 2-4 seeds together to make sure at least one grows. Usually a packet of seeds has hundreds and I may not go through them all, even with this practice. When I started my beets at the beginning of August, I did not get a lot of growth, especially when compared to my rutabaga and turnips. But, I where I DID get growth, all the seeds seemed to sprout. I am not sure why this happened, but I was really disappointed. Below is a picture of some of my Golden Beets.


I decided to re-sow some more seeds with marginal success. I am not sure where the idea came from, but it occurred to me that instead of just thinning the spots that grew down to one plant, I could take some of these multiple sprouts and try to transplant them in the bed where no seeds had sprouted. In case you did not know, you do not want multiple plants growing in the same spot – the beet (or carrot, broccoli, etc.) won’t develop correctly.


So, I loosened the soil and gently pulled on the seedling. Out it came with the primary root and some lateral/root hairs. I poked the soil with my finder, inserted and buried them. I water immediately and tended them like a would any other newly transplant (i.e. worry, water, worry, water…).

Well, it worked! I honestly did not know if it would. And I don’t think they all made it. I am sure others have done this in the past, but I am glad I thought of it independently. I have seen a video where a gardener does the same thing with onions, so that may have been the spark. Below is a picture of some of those babies. I also did the same thing with my Bull’s Blood beets and they are doing well.





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