Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts (in the Garden) Club Band

Ok, so maybe that is a cheesy title, but I haven’t gotten a real ripe pepper from the garden yet. My heart is lonely for peppers, so what can I say. I’ve harvested a few of these immature Flavorburst yellow peppers, but the flesh was thin and bitter. Still edible, but not what I am looking for. I suppose I just need to wait until they look like the picture, but I had yellow and red peppers last year that took forever to ripen from green…so we just at them green. The flesh was thick and juicy. Not these – they have only been a very light green. Now though, they look like they are thickening and they are most definitely turning yellow/orange. Yay! I am keeping them watered and hoping for the best.

Flavorburst Yellow/Orange Pepper from Johnny’s Seeds.

I have told my tale of woe before, how I overfed my red and poblano peppers too much nitrogen and they are only growing stem and leaf. Well, I have discovered some medium-sized peppers on  my marconi red plants, and I am really encouraged! The marconi red pepper is longer than the traditional bell-shaped. I chose them because they can grow up to 1 ft long, and that just entices me!


I am also seeing quite a few small to medium-sized poblano peppers growing. You can see one big one below, and few that are like little marbles on the stem. One poblano came early and is starting to ripen to red. I shared a photo stylized on instagram, and I think I am going to let it ripen all the way to red and taste it. Maybe I will eat it all right there, maybe I will dry it and make my own ancho chili powder, which I find intriguing. Who knows.




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