Something Wicked This Way Comes

I hate aphids. I don’t know where they come from. Every time I turn around, they are infesting my Brassicas! Those would be kale, collards, rutabaga… they even show up to nibble on the ends of my grape vines. In 1-2 days, it can ravage their leaves (not the grapes, though). I treat with Sevin dust, trim the leaves, and pop! 2-3 weeks later they are back!

Collards infested aphids
Kale in the process of being decimated by those cursed aphids

With fall coming and broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, rutabaga, cabbage, collards all in the garden, I have got to be on a regular schedule to preemptively spray with my organic insecticide soap. So that is one more thing I am going to add to the blog, as this is my central source of my journaling.

Squash bug eggs

I also saw something interesting on my young yellow squash plants: brown little eggs on top of the leaves. With Google as my co-pilot, it was simple to identify these as eggs of squash bug. I put a healthy dose of Sevin dust on these leaves as well, but I may go out in the morning to pick them off and scrape into soapy water. That is one suggestion, and it helped to get rid of the beetles eating my potato plants.

On a side note, these plants are doing well, actually. I proactively sprayed them with Serenade fungicide, and the leaves are staying healthy looking. There are dark green leaves growing out of the centers of many of them (them being about 15 plants). This is another area I need to be regular and systematic: treating with fungicide. Actually, now that I look at the picture, it looks like a little bit of powedery mildew is developing…

I have seen some of the squash beetle on my tomato plants, and they may explain some of the damage to them. I have been spraying tomatoes, beans and cucumber plants, as there are spots on some of the leaves. I really need to do some research (and memorization) so that I can recognize what is going on with plants, whether plant disease, pests or lack of nutrition.

Cucumbers leaves with what looks like Anthracnose

The Best Fertilizer is a Gardener’s Shadow

More rain barrels set up
Rain barrels set up for drip lines

This phrase has stuck with me from the first time I heard it from a Cub Scout leader. I have learned so much just by observing my garden, and watering by hand, although long and tedious, has allowed me the time to observe and think. So, even though I have rain barrels to catch water from the gutters, I haven’t used it too much. The plan was to set up a single line that would drain into drip lines to water. But there was a lot to do with other things, and I didn’t make time to set it up.

Well, last weekend was the time to set them up. I had an old hose that I cut up and added connectors to funnel them all to one hose that lead down to drip lines. These are all I have set up, which may look like a lot, but I  would like to set up two more like it in the back so that I have enough to water possible up to 100% of the time.


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