Fall Has Started

Broccoli, Cabbage, Kalettes, and Collards – about 10 days old

WELL, my fall plant seeds have started, that is. My broccoli, cabbage, collards and kalettes have all sprouted. Well, there is some lag in some of the soil blocks, but most are growing. I forgot how small and vulnerable they look… a thin thread of green with wee cotyledons, reaching up to the lights. These are just 10 days old and will be ready to transplant in a total of about 6 weeks, so there is plenty of time ahead for growth, with a target of August 1st transplant, harvest possibly by the end of Aug. I added a page where I have put my schedule of seeding, transplant, and an estimate of when to expect harvest. Yes, I am growing the area of planning!

Italian cauliflower, white and purple, freshly sown; also, a tray seeded for micro/baby-green salad (Mizuna, Cabbage, Kale, and Kohlrabi, Beet, Chard)

I received the cauliflower seeds from Baker’s and sowed them last night. I am very happy to get them in, and they should be ready to transplant by Aug 11th, harvest starting mid-September

Close up of baby green salad mix: Mizuna, Cabbage, Kale, and Kohlrabi seeds (all four small and dark; Beet, Chard seeds (brown and rugged)

I am also working on getting the greenhouse fitted for growing the seedlings. Right now it is too hot in there and seedlings would bake. I bought a shade clothe that I need to cover the outside and secure. Originally I thought I should put it on the inside, but read that I should put it on the outside. This makes sense, as it will cut down the amount of like that hits the greenhouse by 50%, keeping it cool. I am hoping to finish this weekend, but will not put these out there until I am confident they will not die.

I also sowed a tray of micro-green mix I purchased from Johnny’s Seeds, along with beets and chard. I have made several attempts to grow these outside and they have died. They need to stay around 70 deg, and it is just too hot. It is just to hot and i have not been attentive enough to them. Inside, they should flourish! (well, let’s see…)I love this mix of greens, so I am putting some on while the lights are on for the other seedlings.


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