Today’s Gardening Thoughts


Yesterday I posted on squash blossoms falling off the plants. This morning I inspected my winter squash (spaghetti in particular) to see if I could spot the boys and the girls. And as I searched around, I actually found more fruit growing that I had thought.

Female Blossom
Male Blossom
Female Blossom
Small Spaghetti Squash










Small Spaghetti Squash











Just a picture update. Planted at the end of April, my first bed has tassled and there are some baby ears on some stalks. The corn planted two weeks later is about 2/3 the size. I added some blood meal to the soil to supply more nitrogen, and gave it a good soaking.

End of April Corn
Mid-May Corn











Another picture update. The red peppers and poblanos are really approaching a mature size. I have not seen any blossoms, other than one that has become a small poblano. I don’t remember when my peppers came in last year, so I am just going to chill out and wait. We really love peppers and can’t wait for them to come in. This year I will take note of when both the blossoms and fruit arrive. Judging by how slow they grow, I am not concerned. One thing I will do this weekend is to add some more 10-10-10 fertilizer, to make sure there is enough nutrients to grow. The yellow and green (hidden behind the poblanos) are quite a bit smaller and were started maybe 3-4 weeks after the other peppers.

Poblano Peppers
Poblano Peppers
Marconi Red Peppers
Marconi Red Peppers
Yellow Peppers
Yellow Peppers





Onion bed before weeding
Freshly Pulled Onions
Onion bed after weeding






Hmm, I am not sure what to think about my onions. They are small, really small. Discouragingly small. Why? Well, it might be because I have not really been as attentive to weeding as I should have been. Last night I really looked and there were a lot of weeds, as you can see. I am wondering if this has had an effect – well, I am sure it has had an effect, I just don’t know how much. My spacing was only maybe 9″ as opposed to the 12-15″ recommended. Also, it is only the end of June. I haven’t grown onions before, and so I really don’t know when they should be harvested. My growing guide says 125 days to harvest, so I think (once again), I need to relax and let it grow (yes, that was a “Frozen” pun).  It is probably like my carrots – they were small and I felt the same way, but saw that after another month or so, they had really expanded a lot. In the end, I pulled a fair few to see how they were doing, but will leave the rest and see what happens through July. I will definitely try to stay on top of the weeds… or at least make sure my kids stay on top of them! And I really need to lock in dates – when I plant, when I expect to harvest. I have tried to put this into my Fall garden plan and will stick to it.







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