Squash Blossoms Falling Off the Vine

I have been very concerned asquash-blossom-fall-400x300bout this. It seems like every time I walk by my squash, whether summer or winter, the blossoms that were there have fallen off. What am I doing wrong? What did I do wrong? Are there pests? Am I watering enough or too much?

Keeping a journal has been a good motivator to find answers. I googled this problem this morning and found that this is normal. Squash produce both male and female blossoms and are self-pollinating, but the female blossoms are the only one to produce fruit. So, it is normal for the male blossoms to fall off, which are produced more often early in the growing season.

Ok, so I can chill out, but I will still keep monitoring them to make sure I am getting more squash! This also answers another question: why would someone harvest a squash blossom to fry and eat when you will lose the fruit it will produce. People don’t take the female blossom, they take the male! So how do I know the difference… google.


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