Husk Cherries

I strolling past this little patch of husk cherries 20150617_175432 and noticed a few bunch of this dried “lanterns” lying around the vines. When I started to really look around, I found a whole handful (literally). I decided to grow these from seed just to see what would happen. The seeds were only $2.95. I have never had a husk cherry in my life and I didn’t know  what to expect nor how I would harvest them – looks like I just wait for the husk to dry up and fall off!

They are actually not too bad! They are sweet and a mix of  apple, pear, maybe a hint of pineapple flavors. The one in the wrapper to the left 20150617_175747was probably the best tasting one, sweet and slightly tart. Others were a deeper yellow and were probably more ripe. I don’t think I have enough to make a pie etc, but I will look for fruit just to snack on right in the garden. I have been doing that with early raspberries and they are delicious.


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