Very Tall Tomato Vines

A Good Problem to Have, I Guess

– I love to stroll through my tomatoes. I look at the developing 20150609_183550fruit, pluck of suckers, give the tops a twist around the trellis line if they need it. I even don’t mind weeding there. But I have a growing concern that some are getting too tall, especially the vines with only one head. The picture to the right was taken last night. That top bar is 8 feet, so some of my tomatoes are easily over 7 feet tall. It is not even the middle of June!

What do I do when I can’t reach the tops? When the vines reach the tops? Drop the trellis line down and add more to the line? I think that will have to be my option. I have seen a similar solution to cucumbers, which fruit from the bottom up – if they are too tall for the trellis, drop the top and let the bottom spent vines lay on the ground.

Herbs Among the Vines

Growing herbs is not new to me, but I haven’t quite figured out the best conditions for growing them. In other words, I haven’t done enough research and reading. I have noticed, my parsley and cilantro do not like the heat. My dill and basil are doing ok, but they seem to want to bolt quicker in the heat. I am trying to stay on sowing seeds every two weeks or so. One thing I did was to sow herbs between the trellis structures of my pole beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes. And they seem to be doing just great, so this is something I am going to continue to practice.





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