Starting My Own Seeds

Seed Starting1Transplants are expensive. Sure, you can start some plants from seeds, but if I want to have tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, etc, year round, the costs add up. I also don’t know when plants will be available. I want to have control on when I start seeds, what seeds I start and when. I have taken a few gardening classes and saw the set-up my friend had, so I knew it was fairly simple. Also, the internet is great for research. There are a lot of people posting about their gardening!

So, this is my set-up. It is my first, and I am not happy about the wasted space above the lamp. There has got to be a better set-up, and I think it will be without the “recommended” pully system. It will work for now, but as I grow, I think I may want to get a second lamp… but that means more energy costs. So, I am not sure what I will do. I KNOW I can have a more efficient set-up with my soil blocks

I purchased the lamp, trays, and blocks/soil block mix from Amazon and the rack from Costco. I purchased a set of open bottom trays for better watering from Johnny’s seeds.

Seed Starting4To the left is my first attempt at micro soil blocks, which are 3/4″ cubes. This is the most recent picture after I discovered that I was not keep the blocks nearly as watered as they needed to be. When I first watered them, some on the lower left seemed to dissolve, so I wasn’t sure how much or what technique to use for watering. So, they really dried up for a few days. I tried using a spray bottle, but that did not deliver the amount of water the seeds needed and it was obvious I wasn’t doing this correctly.

Seed Starting3I found some great info here at Daphne’s Dandelions on soil blocks, and just decided to add the water that I thought they needed. The blocks did not dissolve. Yay! I actually added the water to the Mini 4 (2″ blocks) I had started.

Seed Starting5


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