My First (Small) Garden

So, as I am starting a blog to chronicle my homestead journey, I think it is only right to show my beginning. It all started with my former supervisor back in the spring of 2009 telling me about his raised bed gardens and how easy it was to do. Here are some pictures of that endeavor. These beds still exist!

I really don’t remember how much I bought, but it was simple soil, garden soil, mushroom compost, black kow…maybe more. Simple 4′ x 8′ x 12″ construction.

First garden11

Here I am with two of my kids, the garden filled with the soil. They were excited! And here is some of the produce I grew. Mostly lettuce. Not bad! It use currently being held hostage by rampant unrepentant mint.

First garden12  First garden13

I also constructed a second raised bed, and it looks like I was growing some fennel, cabbage, something else. This bed is now starting to rot, and has housed sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano for a few years now. This spring I may rebuild it and put fresh herb transplants.

I built a third bed with some old wood I had. I grew some tomatoes and (looks like) squash. It was overgrown with weeds for a number of years, but I cleared it out this fall and it is now full of my garlic, planted in October 2014.

First garden14  First garden15

So, this was the start, a time I became interested in gardening. I dabbled really.


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